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Kelvin selection

Okay, I'm going to be (finally) getting CF lighting over my 20high soon, am
planning on the 55W "Bright Kit" from AH supply, but I'm still unsure which
bulb to get - they offer a 5300K, and a 6700K bulb in the 55W size.  there's
also a 5500K bulb made by RedSea in the pet warehouse catalog.  I know that
A LOT of personal preference influences selection here, but what would
everyone reccomend?  I know that just the kelvin rating doesn't tell
everything  - are any of these bulbs a little on the yellow side?  or too
blue?  I think I'd preferr more to the blue end, but is 6700K TOO blue?
Anybody got a personal favorite?

Derek Johnson
djohnson1981 at yahoo_com