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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #870

Hi Ivo,

Did you notice the sword in the far left corner. That is the one you gave
me. It is among my favorites and has done well.

Thanks to those who commented about the photo. I actually have a new Canon
G1 which I am still on the steep part of the learning curve with. I tried
to deal with some of that glare in Photoshop but opted to wait for more
photo time rather than do digital surgery. I hope to get more time this
weekend to try other camera modes and different exposures. I would enjoy
any tips on digital photograph that you might have...



>The best way IMO is to use a high-end digital camera. Digital cameras
>use charge-coupled devices (CCDs) in place of photographic film. 
>CCDs have typically a much wider dynamic range than film. I have
>pictures of my tanks taken with both methods, and the difference is
>- - Ivo Busko
>  Baltimore, MD

           Paul Mouritsen.....mourip @ erols.com