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discus growout in planted tank

Does anyone have any experiences to share regarding
growing out discus in planted tanks?

I have been down an interesting road ever since I
decided to growout discus in my planted 75g.

1) cyanobacteria (BGA) -- may have been related to
dosing KNO3.  Stopped the dosing and the problem

2) hair algae (black) -- very bad infestation, that
could not be controlled with 4 SAEs and 4 black
mollies.  Solution?  Two juvenile American flag-fish. 
They cleaned out a large wig's worth (with no
inter-species violence btw).

3) green hair algae -- came back home after Christmas
and cleared out a huge bioload of plants.  The problem
with this algae soon started--uncontrolled by
aforementioned fish(4 SAEs, 4 black mollies, and 2
AFF).  Added 15 cardina japonica (amano shrimp) which
I gained in a trade.  These shrimp cleared out a
rather large infestation in 1.5 weeks.  I was very

4) waiting for the next disaster...

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