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Re: Brine Shrimp

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Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< Subject: Brineshrimp
 This may be off topic. I recently met  a Japanese
 researcher who has developed a method to culture and
 raise live brineshrimp more rapidly. He has also
 developed a method to decapsulate eggs without using a
 chemical bath.
 If interested in this contact me offlist.
 Edward Venn
 Tokyo Japan
I am glad you asked this, because I have been learning about this on my own 
and have some questions.  Does your method use bleach?  I read three parts 
water to two parts bleach to take off the shells. I would also like to hear 
from folks who raise brine shrimp on a regular basis.  Is there a way to keep 
it manageable and tidy?  I would like to treat my fish to live brine shrimp, 
but do not want an open upside-down milk jug on my kitchen counter 
constantly.  I bought one of these black boxes where the shrimp are supposed 
to swim up to the light through a tiny hole in the collection jar.  While 
tidy, there is no means to put in an airstone, so the hatch rate was poor.   
Has someone thought of a nice system?