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Using Soil as a substrate mix for plants.

I have read of several people using normal soil as a substrate mix for a
planted tank.  how feasible is this, and if it is more beneficial than
harmful for the tank and the future residents, how much and how should I
prepare the substrate?     Straight soil on bottom or mixed with the gravel
for first 2  inches then 2 more of just gravel on top?

Will it change the properties of the water in such a way as to make it more
time consuming and a pain than a help for the plants?  I don't really want
to dish out the money for Flourite right now, so I am looking for some cost
effective additives for the gravel that will greatly increase my chances of
success for the plants...I have not setup or cycled the tank yet...so now is
the best time plan any substrate changes.   Any ideas or suggestions would
be appreciated.


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