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Driftwood = Algae?

At the risk of setting off yet another argument (hey, at least I'm good at
something) I propose that the major CAUSE of a lot of algae problems is the
presence of dead stuff in the tank. Driftwood qualifies as dead stuff. Major
dead stuff in fact, that just sits there and contributes POUNDS of all the
nutrients that driftwood is made of into the water column. And since plants
take up NPK to create themselves, and since driftwood was once a plant....
Empirical evidence? I got rid of the driftwood in my 60, and the algae
problems dropped by a factor of, well hell, at least a gazillion. Minimizing
phosphate sources is the standard algae control method. Why would you want
to throw a few pounds of it in your tank? My new 90 has NO driftwood and I
already have to supplement phosphate.

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas