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cultivating echinodorus, "ozelot"

Hello Folks:
    I have a 30 gal long I want to dedicate to learning methods for
propigating an ozelot plant or marble queen.  It should be simple, but I
need advice.  Most species where possible are grown above water.  So what do
I do: prepare a tank just as I would normally for my show tank, except not
fill it all the way up, or is there another method?  Do I use pots or just
plant them in substrate that will line the bottom of the entire tank.  I
don't even know how to research it in the krib.  What is this called, that I
am trying to do?  Anyway, any pointers, or hard won experience that could be
shared in the matter would be appreciated.  I also look forward to trying to
cross polinate if that is something which is done with Echinodorus.  
Thanks, Diana

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