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New plant group!

CAGA is now a reality! Great going guys!
And to all out there thinking about and not "doing" it you should really
consider it if you can find more than 5 folks interested in plants (which is
not hard to do) to try this.

1) It doesn't cost nothing to have an open house!
2) new folks will learn and have a reason to come out and "see" and be
inspired by your great skills!
3) plant trades, cuttings etc can be auctioned off sold to LFS, etc for
money and funds to buy good test kits so folks can know what's going on in
their tanks instead of guessing, or new plants or bulk orders of shrimps,
SAE's, plants etc.
4) Having an open house will challenge you and your skills more than you
might think:)

Many general Aquarium societies have plant study groups or it can suggested
to form one so if you want a speaker you can rope even more folks in to the
fold. Most every general aquarium person wants a planted tank. Most every
reef person wants a planted tank. It's possible for them to get into it as
well. If you help them and teach!

The AGA contest showed some good skills now go apply them! Help others! Help
You can be the arm chair postulator or you can get up off your duff and do
something. You will learn more and form real plant friends with faces! These
folks will know your set ups and you theirs. You guys and gals will be able
to help each other more than you know.

There's groups in MN, CA, IL, the NE has lots of stuff that can and has
Groups like these can pull in great speakers. We have the annual conference
in TN.

Help those beginners! Because they will be tomorrow's experts!
Think globally-act locally. Encourage diversity also!!!! Both in plants and

Use the APD as a sounding board for formation or any group for that matter.
Everyone will benefit.
Tom Barr