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Police using electricity records

A friend of mine had told me that police will search
electricity records for evidence of plant-growing
patterns (how they do this in the specific, I do not
know).  I was somewhat skeptical.  But having read on
this list about hydroponics and law enforcement, I
have become a believer.

Now on CNN.com is an article specifically stating that
the police had used electricity records (along with
warrant-less thermal imaging) as evidence for search
and seizure.  Not a comforting thought.  Here where I
live (Houston) the police are known to have
"accidentally" shot a few suspects over the years.


On another note:  don't ask the local nursery for
"potassium nitrate."  Rather, ask for "Green Light
Stump Remover."  The lady was upfront about it.  She
said, "They use that to make bombs."  Without missing
a beat, I added, "and fertilize aquariums."

I never would have thought this hobby dangerous.  :)


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