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Re: Gwavel

> > Am  considering a trial tank with WalMart Kitty Litter seeded with Osmocote
> as first layer, Flourite as middle layer , then sealed with gravel (and maybe
> coarse sand) .
> 1. Any recommendations as to the amount of Osmocote to use in the KL layer
> (Per unit surface area)?
> 2. Comments re the adviseability   of this whole approach?

Yep, lose the other junk and go 100% flourite.
Support SeaChem, not Wal Mart:)
When was the last time you heard the old CEO of Wal Mart in here on the

 No worry, no hassle, no  mixing of two or more types of gravel materials
which when you tear the tank down or move is a big headache, no cloudiness
from the kitty litter when replanting, no nutrient fluxes from uprooting
plants from the osomocoat additions. No anaerobic spots. You can actually
terrace and slope your gravel bed rather having a flat tank after a year or
I've set up many tanks with it. Never anything but good performance every
time. Bad part is its pricey but not in the long term at all though. If cost
is a big concern try laterite (like Karl's) and 2-3mm diameter sand. You'll
get better growth and health from the flourite though but each work like a
charm every time. I've done the Kitty litter and osmocoat thing in the past
so I can compare the methods quite well. The Flourite is the easiest,
simplest and best performing method there is. It certainly will help anyone
beginning in this hobby much more successful in this area. Try the sand and
laterite if you don't do this.
Tom Barr