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Live? Trumpet snails

Is there a simple test to determine if MTS are alive?

I ordered 60 as a supplement for my 225 gallon tank. They arrived 4 days
after shipment. They smell bad. I put them in a quarantine tank with a mix
of my tank water and very little of the transport water. All of the snails
on one end, some plant shrapnel from my tank in the other end. I put them in
a dark room.

I plan on rescuing anything that is on the other side in the morning. :)

The funny thing is that I have never seen a MTS move. If the clown loaches
didn't kill a big one now and then, I wouldn't even be certain that I had
any. I figured I was either going to be feeding the clowns, or helping the
MTS population.

I trust plants from a lot of people, but fish/snails are a bit hard to

Jon Wilson