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Re: CO2 test kits

Save your money.  You don't even need a CO2 test kit.  If you know KH and pH, 
you can easily extrapolate CO2.  There's a handy-dandy chart on The Krib at 
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/kh-ph-co2-chart.html.  Of course, the more 
accurate your pH readings, the more accurate will be your CO2 readings.  You 
might take that money you were going to spend on a CO2 test kit and spend it 
instead on a pH pen.  Coralife makes a nice little pen for $50, and it's more 
than adequate for what we're doing.  Then, print out the chart, post it near 
your aquarium, and you can calculate CO2 anytime you wish, in seconds.

> I'm fairly new to C02, (hey I'm a poet and didn't know 
>  it, made a rhyme in no time)  and am having a terrible 
>  time finding a C02 test kit.  None of the stores in town 
>  seem to carry them, and these are well stocked stores!