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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #852

Re: yeast CO2 discovery

I dont't know what you guys put in your yeast co2 botles, but (until now) 
mine only ever lasted at most 5 days. Even a big 5 litre mineral water 
minibarrel only lasted 10 days before it stopped. Maybe i add too much sugar 
- I always assume that if anything adding more sugar will give more co2, 
although i know yeast dies off at a certain concentration of alcohol in the 
solution. Anyway, i never tasted what gets left (keen hombrewer though i am) 
but it certainly smells pretty funky and very alcoholic. 
I've used 3-4 knifefuls (dip knife in molasses, pull it out, that's a 
knifeful) of molasses per litre so far. Seems to work good. 
The yeast itself may have a lot to do with this. Tonight i set up a bottle on 
my second tank with ordinary yeast in - i'll se how it does. Oh, also an 
interesting thing is the way the molasses sticks to the side of the bottle 
and drips into the liquid over a period oif time. Maybe this slow-release 
sugar supply helps to extend the fermentation period. 
Also, this molasses mixture seems to froth up a lot less than ordinary white 
sugar, which has been a problem for a lot of people including me in the past 
- waking up to find your tank apparently full of milk is not conducive to a 
productive day...
On a relatively unrelated topic, can anyone tell me where to get hold of a 
trace element mix suitable for PMDD mixing in the UK? My local stores don't 
seem to have it, and i'm not even sure what (else) you would use it for? 
Tropica MasterGrow is good stuff, am I right?