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Re: Bleaching anks

No kidding. The place I used to live had a nice _big_ vernal area out back
in the woods. Every Spring, like clockwork, a really oddball kind of
gooey/stringy surface algae would show up in the tank by the window. It was
very similar in texture and appearance to the gooey/stringy stuff you see in
stagnant areas of ponds.

It took a couple Spring seasons for it to dawn on me that it had nothing to
do with me, and everything to do with the natural workings of Mother Earth
and her "Great Plan".


> 2) You will only be getting rid of your algae
> temporarily. It only takes a single algal spore to
> restart the whole shabang, and you will have plenty in
> your filter media, your fishes digestive tracts, and
> surviving in the tank, not to mention the airborne
> ones. By the time you get new water in the tank you
> will be restarting you algae farm again. All you will
> gain is a brief low-algae period at the cost of
> stressing your fish.