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KH measurement clarification requested

Beverly wrote:
"Can someone please clarify for me the way KH is measured? I often see
various list members post their KH as a specific number (i.e. 6 or 7). I am
using a Lamotte Alkalinity test that tests carbonate hardness CaCO3. The
measurements are in ppm and are measured on the syringe as 10-20-30-40-50-60
(in tens with ticks for in-between numbers). I can only guess that we are
measuring something different from each other as the numbers are so
different? Thanks! "
You are measuring the same thing, Alkalinity, commonly called KH. The
Lamotte kit KH (Alkalinity) kit measures in PPM (Parts Per million) of
CACO3. The measurements are in increments of 4 ppm which is equal to one
drop.  Your end result can be converted into degrees by dividing the result
by 17.9 . degrees are what most people use when discussing GH or KH
(Alkalinity). The chemists on the list will tell you both are outdated but
degrees are still widely used. If you need more info check the archives on
the krib.

Larry Lampert