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free lights

Ok everyone.  I felt it was time to ask for some recommendations.  I
recently received 4 electronic ballasts that would run 3 40 watt pc lights,
and 2 ballasts that would run 2 40 watt pc lights, along with the fittings,
and 16 40 watt pc bulbs.  This was a great windfall, and I am pleased with
them.  My 80 gallon tank has 4 40 watt 4' bulbs covering the rear 2/3 of the
tank, using magnetic ballasts, and a cheap shop light with 2 40 watt 4'
bulbs over the front.  I am trying to figure out if I should leave the 4 4'
bulbs in the back and install some of the pc lights in the front.  If I were
to do this I could put either 3 or 4 pc's on the front of my hood.  If I did
away with the 4' bulbs, I could put in anywhere from 6-12 of the pc lights
in.  Also, has anyone had any luck finding good reflectors seperately.  I
currently have the hood painted white for a reflector.  I use co2 injection,
a 12 hour light period, and a peat/sand substrate.

Also I got 2 4" 24 volt muffin fans for free.  How much should I pay for a
DC power supply for these.  Also, could I run this at 12 volts to slow the
fans down without damage.  They are much quieter at this speed.  I have run
them at 6 volt, 12 volt, and 24 volt off of some batteries I had.  Thanks
for the help.

Thanks for any help
Troy Luttrell
Rathwine at gatorcountry_com
Rathwine at mediaone_net