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Green spot algae

I am having a problem with green spot algae accumulating on my hard leaf
plants (Amazon Swords, Bacopa, Anubias, etc.) and glass.  I have to scrape
the front glass almost every two days.  Although this algae has been
slightly present for some time, it grew into a problem when I began using RO
water (reconstituted with Seachem Equilibrium and adjusted to a GH of 5, KH
3, and Ph  6.8), and when I added more light in the form of a 110 watt PC
light strip (6700 K) to an 80 watt strip (T-8 Tritons, 8300K).  This gives
me a total of 190 watts combined output for this standard 90 gallon tank.
The lights are on about 11 hours per day.  

Sometimes it takes me a few days to get the KH up and the Ph down after 30%
water changes, which I do every 2 weeks.  I am injecting CO2 at the rate of
about 1 bubble per second through an Eheim ceramic disk diffuser.  There are
nitrates in the water column, but within acceptable limits-i.e., not high.
Nitrite and ammonia levels are so small as to not be measureable.  

Should I cut down the duration of light, lower the Ph, try both, or do
something else?  Thanks for any insight you all might be able to give.

Neil Anderson