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DIY Acrylic Aquarium

THanks for all the informative replies that I got regarding the DIY
Water-Changer-Float valve. 

I am about to build a custom aquarium 48"L x 36"W x 18"H out of Acrylic and
I need some advice from DIYers.  I've not worked w/ acrylic before and
would like some tips in terms of the appropriate plastic thickness.  I was
thinking of using 1/2" is that too much?  Too little?  Is there an acrylic
water volume calculation formula that will tell me the safe thickness to use?

Would a center brace be necessary?  I checked out Mel Gross' old post and
I'd like to avoid this headache if at all possibe.  Are there any
aquarium-safe acrylic glues? 

Has anyone found a DIY Acrylic Aquarium site?

Florida Flagfish Fanatic