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Re: More snake oil

> The article makes a case for the Marc Weiss Co. "Natural Aquarium Vital"
> "carbonator" product as a better choice than CO2 injection for planted tanks
> with fish. The article contends that CO2 is a metabolic waste product of
> fishes and is toxic to them.

You can say that, but at what level is CO2 really toxic? Same analogy can be
said for fish food. Too high of levels of any waste will cause problems.

> It suggests that CO2 is an immunosuppresant,
> causing respiratory stress, osmotic imbalances and other pathologies.

At high concentration so are many things....
> The
> article also suggests that the often-photographed "Asian natural aquariums"
> are hostile environments to fish. As an alternative, Marc Weiss offers their
> product, which they classify as an optically active conductive polymer
> (OACP). Among other claims, this product is reported to offer "liquid,
> time-released CO2 production as needed..."

One thing that really bothered me about the article: **More fish = more CO2,
so if you need more CO2 then add more fish**. This is going to grow plants
And he wishes to say that this is a "natural" approach? Even at the low
densities that Amano or one of us does it is still extremely dense compared
to natural settings in fish loads. Low fish loads = less toxins of all
kinds. Low fish loads are also much better for the fish. It seems like he is
trying to appeal to what the consumer wants(a ton of fish in a plant tank)
here rather than what the tank needs for plants and the fish.

> Are Marc Weiss products generally well regarded?
> Does anyone have any knowledge of, experience with, or opinions regarding
> this specific product?

Not by me.
More snake oil. Plants need three things, Light, CO2 and nutrients. These
are plant "food". Not just one of them - but all three in a balance.

 Personally, I would take advice on plants from someone else. SeaChem makes
a product called Excel that adds carbon and makes no such claims or says a
bunch baloney, unlike this write up.

This almost seems like a used car sales pitch. SeaChem came out with their
product some time prior to this and Greg is willing to get in here and
explain and defend his product.
I have tried Weiss's products(living water vital) and it did absolutely
nothing to help. I tried it many times as I had a large amount of it and
have keeping plants for many years. I gave it more than a few chances.

I like how he compared commercial growers to us. Growing 5 acres of plants
outside in shallow water is a completely different endeavor than growing
them inside in artificial light in our low surface area to depth tanks. Many
growers do not grow plants underwater at all.........(gee why would they do
this?) ....Tropica and most/many others.

If you know much about plants......I don't think you'll buy much from this
company. Non CO2 injected tanks are possible and quite nice. You certainly
do not need this product to that either.... Walstead's book addresses that
method much more soundly and accurately.
Tom Barr