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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #834

Scheele Juergen wrote:

> I may find "heavy resistance" here on the list by saying that
> CO2 and in particular the "Carbo Plus" unit is not there for <lowering>
> the pH !

I'll have you know that I'm *not* heavy for my height and age! :)

Even if the Carbo Plus unit isn't being used for the express purpose of
lowering the pH, it should have that effect.

> You can "adjust" the pH with CO2 slightly, others on this list
> may elaborate further on this, but the main point is,
> check your parameters, something is wrong !
> KH bigger then GH is a big no, no !
> KH should always be 70% - 80% of the GH !

Why is that?  Alkalinity (KH) in my water is seven or eight times higher
than my GH and I've never attributed problems to that ratio.  I *really*
don't see a reason for prescribing KH that is 70% to 80% of the GH.

And back to the original question...

John Guild wrote:

> yes, i too have noticed that the carbo-plus has a hard time lowering
> pH.......i run mine at about five green bars for the 11 hours that the
> lights
> are on and the plants are doing wonderfully (i can even see them
> pearling in
> the evening) so i assume there is enough CO2 in solution....is this a
> wrong
> assumption? (though when i meassure it with a Lamont CO2 test, it comes
> out
> as 8ppm, a bit low right?).

If the plants are doing well, then apparently 8ppm is enough.  I don't
know any more what I get in mine.  When last I checked (a couple years
ago) the CO2 was 8-10 ppm and the plants were just fine.

But then, I'm using yeast-generated CO2.  I don't have much up-front
cost invested in a system that won't give me more than 8 ppm CO2.

Roger Miller