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light fixtures for sale

Hi everyone,
I am redoing the lighting systems on my tanks and have two fixtures for sale. 
One is available now and the other will be available in about two weeks.

Available now: A 3 foot CustomSeaLife powder coated aluminum VHO fixture run 
by an IceCap 660 ballast with fan and acrylic splash guard. This is currently 
configure for two tubes (95 watts each but can easily be changed to 3. I have 
it at two because three would be overkill for the tank it was on. Three tubes 
would be appropriate for a reef. This fixture is suitable for planted or reef 
tanks with the right type bulbs. There are three URI AquaSun bulbs that go 
with it. Excellent condition. Ballast is 1 1/2 years young.

Available in about two weeks (give or take): A 4 bulb 6 foot CustomSeaLife 
ABS VHO hood with fan and acrylic splash guard. Each tube is 160 watts. This 
is controlled by 2 IceCap 430 electronic ballasts, each running 2 tubes. Once 
again, suitable for reefs or planted tanks with the proper bulbs. 4 AquaSun 
tubes come with this fixture. Excellent shape. Highest quality. Well cared 

Thought I'd offer them on the List first. If there is no interest here then 
to Ebay they go. I am reasonable in my pricing. Please contact me off list if 
you are interested. Thank you.

Dave    email: dgrim62 at cs_com