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Re: carbo plus

yes, i too have noticed that the carbo-plus has a hard time lowering 
pH.......i run mine at about five green bars for the 11 hours that the lights 
are on and the plants are doing wonderfully (i can even see them pearling in 
the evening) so i assume there is enough CO2 in solution....is this a wrong 
assumption? (though when i meassure it with a Lamont CO2 test, it comes out 
as 8ppm, a bit low right?) my pH is currently 7, so i can live with that, and 
my fish and plants seem fine with it too....my carbo unit is simply in my 
tank right under the outflow bar of my cannister filter...

anyone else?

my tank-
pH - 7
KH - 4
GH - 2
90 gallon
200 watts of pwer compacts

-john guild