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purposeful algal bloom

I recently talked with a guy who sets up plant tanks
for a living.  He told me that he purposefully starts
an algal bloom in every tank he sets up (pea soup). 
The addition of multiple ocats and amano shrimp are
used to control algae.  He has never had a problem
with algae in any of his tanks.

Furthermore he told me in pictures showing Amano's
work, he has seen tanks in full algal bloom. 
Apparently amano does the same thing.  Maybe some
nutrient is consumed during this process which makes
algae easier to control later.

maybe this is old news, but I hadn't really heard
about it.  I've never had an algal bloom in my tanks,
though I hear some have it during setup (not

Also, I wonder how many people on the list (what
percentage) are actually using shrimp for algae control.

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