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new planted tank

Hi. I am planting my new tank today and have a couple of questions
regarding cycling in a planted tank. From reading various web-sites I have
decided to fully stock the tank with fast growers from the begining. The
first question I have is, should I fertilize the substrate and water
column from the very begining?  I used mainly turface as the substrate so
it is nutrient poor. The plants I'm using came mainly from an established
tank and some from mail-order. The next question is, when should I add
fish?  I've read that pumping up the CO2 to very high levels in the
begining could be beneficial, I imagine this would be detrimental to the
fish.  Should I run the tank on high CO2 for a week or so and then drop
CO2 output and add fish?  Also, which fish should I add? I'm interested in
otos and SAE's early on to help prevent algae but will they be too
sensitive to ammonia etc.. early on in the tank cycle.  I imagine that if
the plants are growing well they could blunt any ammonia and nitrite
which occur during cycling.  
I've read too much conflicting advice and would really appreciate some
learned opinions. 
Thanks, Laurel