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State of My Tank Address - Please Help

Ok, I think I'll lay out all the specifics of my tank
first and then give the two problems I'm having now.

30 gallons
-one 6700k 96 watt AH PCF (in back)
-Two Zoomed T8s on an electronic hybrid Sylvania 
 ballast one 6500k, one 8500k

-regular gravel substrate with 2 inches of Flourite 
 over an old UGF water depth-13 inches
-Flourish Tabs and Jobes spikes

-.6 ml Flourish (about)
-2 ml Flourish Excel
-.75 ml Flourish Potassium
-.4 ml Flourish Iron
- a TINY bit of boric acid
-a very small bit of kno3

-co2: yeast bottle fed into a Duetto submerged filter
 I may get another one for better circulation

-water: usually, 5 gallons changed every other week
 --calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate added to
distilled water (my tap water has a TON of phosphate)

-fish: two Apistogramma nijsseni ( a great fish)
       2 red phantom tetras
       4 Sawbwa resplendens
       8 adult and numerous fry of Astyanax sp. "Colo-
         -mbian red tail tetra
       1 SAE
       4 small ottos
       12 japonica and 4 serrata (?) shrimp
       4 small croaking gouramies to be added

The problems:

1.  A bit of hair algae has begun to appear since I
put in the PCF (2 weeks after).  No algae could be
found before this.  Almost all of it is on the
stargrass.  The rest of the tank is still fairly
clean.  What should I do to solve this and stop it
from getting worse? More P?  Would this also make
feathery plants grow more compact?  

2.  My stargrass is getting a bit blackened.  The
black is in little streaks in the leaves.  It may have
something to do with the Zoomed bulbs, under which
most of it is growing.  Maybe not.  This is a
beautiful plant, and I hate to see this.  It still
grows pretty rapidly.  I'm wonedering if some other
plant is fighting it chemically.  This blackening has
come and gone.  It was the reason I got rid of most of
it awhile ago.  It was growing normally for a while
before this started to happen again.

Thanks, Cavan    

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