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RE:Question about paints, glues etc

Paul: I would not consider Silicone,@ less than $4.00 Canadian for a caulking
gun size tube to be prohibitively expensive(BTW. Dow-Corning 732 is aq safe).
  Here are some links on making backgrounds from styro,fiberglass and epoxy
http://www.ntnu.no/~foksen/Aquascaping.htm  (scroll down to styro walls)


http://www.iaf.nl/Users/Frans/aquarium/jnanne.htm  (There is an English
version of this page,but I've misplaced the URL :(
                                                     James(Western Canada)

Paul Kelly Wrote :
<Question about glues and paints that can be safely used on in-aquarium
<objects,especially Styrofoam.Aq safe,silicone of course but what else?
 < I'm planning to work with quite a bit of Styrofoam (glued to slate) and
<this means gluing flat pieces together and that could get expensive at
<silicone rates.
 < I'll paint it too. Suggestions about this?
  <Help? Ideas?

fortunejd at usa_net

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