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Re: Tepoot's Book - Can I buy online ?

Tony Ford wrote:
> I've been hearing good things about this book and saw recently
> that this list mentioned it.

> I've tried to buy this in the UK but the ISBN number is not
> showing on any of the mainstream books stores computers.

> Anyone know of a source where I can purchase it online in Europe ?

> I can get it from amazon.com shipping fron the U.S. but it's a
> 'special order' and will take a month to clear.

I don't know about Europe Tony, but Petwarehouse (www.petwarehouse.com)
carries it. Item #821013 for $47.95 US. I bought a brand new copy on
ebay last Dec. (not the best time for buyers) for $31.00 US, then I saw
one go for $15.50 US a couple of weeks ago. Be advised, if you get it,
there are some mistakes. I used it as the basis for a plant trade and
didn't cross check it. Duh! (page 138, the descriptions for Eichhornia
azurea & Eichhornia diversifolia are reversed).

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl