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sinking riccia

There has been two or three references in the list lately from people who
say they have dark, "sinking" riccia. I seem to remember some discussion on
this months ago that Tropica had possibly discovered a new specie of riccia
but had not classified it yet? Am I remembering correctly? Now some of the
serious collectors out here, particularly members of the SF club I know can
somehow get their hands on all sorts of weird plants from who knows
where...but I have a hard time believing that people are commonly finding
this specie...can someone tell me what it is you have..what specie of
Riccia? Riccia what, and where did you get it?  There has also been some
argument in the past as to if regular every day riccia will adhere
itself...(I dont care what anybody says, Riccia floats!) but assuming people
lately are talking about some other specie of Riccia, I would be real
interested in getting more information on what exactly you have!

Robert Paul H