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Re: Compact Flourescents

>I am interested in compact flourescents for my tank.  I dont really have
>much idea about them. I saw them in a hardware shop the other day and am
>unsure if these are the type you buy for aquariums (if they have the right K
>they should be ok for aquriums right ?).  How do you mount these and set
>them up.. do you need ballasts etc ? From what I saw it looks like they just
>screw into a normal bulb fitting ?  Being small and putting out a lot of
>light they look very handy :)

The hareware-store types are not the kind you would normally use in 
aquariums. That's not to say that people havn't had good luck using them 
though. Remember that a CF light that is "75 watt equivalent" means it's 
like a 75 watt incandescent light bulb -- it's going to be more like an 
8-11 watt CF light.

Try http://www.ahsupply.com. They offer specfic-to-aquariums kits. I don't 
know if they will ship to Australia, but at least their site will give you 
an idea of what's out there.

>Im sorry if this question has been asked a billion times on the list so if
>you want you can personally reply to me on geohammo at iinet_net.au :))

There is a fair amount of info on http://www.thekrib.com about CF lighting. 
There is a lot in the list archives too -- CF lights have generated a *lot* 
of interest.