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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #809

> Bottle + Regulator + needle valve + reactor
> - -------------------------------------------
> PRO can be 100% efficient, fast dissolving, little cleaning required
> CON bulky and/or external, requires water flow, bubble counter
> May be cheaper, or more expensive... Pro or Con?
> Bottle + Reg + Glass diffuser
> - -----------------------------
> PRO simple, not intrusive in tank, self-contained
> CON dumping problem, algae build-up, difficult to adjust, inefficient
> Bottle + Reg + powerhead/canister diffusion
> - -------------------------------------------
> PRO easy, works with existing hardware, no dump problem
> CON even less efficient than diffusor
> inverted bell
> - -------------
> PRO simple, can be efficient, fairly safe (vents excess out bottom)
> CON bulky and ugly, and inefficient RATE of dissolving

I don't understand how the canister diffusion technique is LESS efficient
than a diffusor... If you really think about it, it is actually MORE
efficient and probably the same as a reactor (at least in my setup).. I
bubble my CO2 (pressurized, regulator, needle valve, bubble counter, then
into the intake of my Eheim) and I RARELY get a belch from my spray bar

What does this mean?  Almost ALL the CO2 put into the Eheim ends up in the
water, which equates to close to 100% efficiency, MUCH better than a
diffusor in which a significant percentage of bubbles make it to the surface