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Equilibrium, Ca and Mg levels

I was also looking at the ratios in Equilibrium and in particular the level
of potassium.  They say on the label that a rise of 1-degree general
hardness will also add 80ppm potassium.  So, even if you aim low - say 3
GH - then you will get 240ppm potassium in the aquarium.  This information
demonstrates how much potassium levels can be raised without harm.

This brings me to a question aimed at others who have used Equilibrium.  I
live in Portland, where tap water is generally 0 GH.  On the Equilibrium
instructions it says to raise GH of ten gallons by 1 degree GH, add 15g (1
Tbsp.).  I was aiming for 3 GH and I have 25 gallons, so I added 7.5 Tbsp.
A few days later I tested the water with a tetra hardness kit and got a
measurement of 9 GH.  It struck me that the ratio of what I aimed for and
what I tested at was the same as the ratio of Tsp. to Tbsp.  I was wondering
if anyone had noticed anything like this.

I also am wondering what testing has been done by Seachem to establish these

David Brooks