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Ca and Mg levels with RO water

What are people using RO water remineralizing and increasing KH  with?
I have been using Kent RO Right to remineralize and Kent pH Stable to
add KH.  Probably not a problem with the RO Right, however, pH Stable
contains carbonic acid monosodium salts.  I have been adding baking soda
as well to get to 3-4 KH.  In looking over past postings I saw
references to adding CaCo3 (calcium carbonate?) to increase hardness and
that this available from the drug store.  What product? Tums or
something like that?  I am guessing the Kent pH stable "locks in" a pH
value - time of day and Co2 amounts don't seem to affect pH.  Just got a
Lamotte pH kit that hopefully will be easier to read and give more
accurate results than old kit.  I also purchased a phosphate test kit.
Would rather not have to fiddle with the RO water. However...
Minneapolis, is a major metropolitan market and could support several
LFS.  In reality we have 1 LFS in the city limits and neither you nor I
would buy livestock from this store.  Our first ring suburbs support
numerous LFS within blocks of Minneapolis boundary and in several cases
successful stores within blocks of each other.  Minneapolis gets water
from the Mississippi River whereas suburban communities have well
water.  Water quality, not economics, is the determining factor in this
disparity.  I will continue to consider tap water, but plan on
continuing use of RO until I get a better handle on things.

BTW, a previous posting regarding a long term "bacterial bloom" has
taken an interesting twist.  After doing more checking on this I decided
to turn the lights off for a day and see what would happen.  Lights have
been off for 1.5 days and increased visibilty is dramatic.  I am
assuming this means what I was dealing with was a algae bloom and not
bacterial?  I thought it was something other than algae because of the
strong white cast it through other than very close to plants.  When
viewed in a white styrofoam cup very very little green was evident.
When should I start adding nutrients to the tank again?  My arsenal
includes; TMG, KNO3, K2SO4, Flourish Iron.

Thanks for all the help!
Jay Reeves

BTW-2 now that things are starting to clear up I can actually see the
background plants.  R. Wallachi is growing across the top of the tank
and needle leaf Ludwigia is growing well.  H. polysperma and val. are
the two that are not doing well.  Are these plants early deficiency
indicators?  Would make sense since the tank has to be running in
starvation mode.  No nutrients or fish food added for several weeks.  In
spite of this the tank looks great - other plants have done very well.