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Re: VHO Lights & TV

In a message dated 1/19/2001 00:53:47 Pacific Standard Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> If you call Icecap and tell them you are having interference problems, don't
>  be surprised if they think you are nuts.  I called to ask about a filter 
>  one of their electronic ballasts (for MH) I planned to buy.  Figured with 
>  in a family room and the existing electronics in the room I would head off
>  potential problems.  They indicated they had no such filter (at least for
>  the MH ballast) and was not aware of anyone having any problems with
>  interference.

They can't skate out of it quite so easily by simply denying the problem 
exists, nor can they shuck off their responsibility to fix the problem.  You 
do have persuasive  weapons and tactics available to you.  In the U.S., 
anything that emits radio signals (and TV interference from a ballast would 
quality) is regulated by the FCC.  If Ice Cap is manufacturing such a device, 
they are obligated under Federal law to either eliminate the emissions, or 
else license the device with the FCC as a radio transmitter.  If Ice Cap 
stonewalls you, then drop a letter to the FCC, Enforcement Division, and tell 
them the problems you are having.  You WILL receive a response, and more 
importantly so will Ice Cap.  Nothing like receiving a nice "Official 
Business" envelope to get a company's attention.  By the way, they are liable 
to hefty fines if they don't resolve the problem within a reasonable period 
of time.  Being a Federal bureaucracy, the FCC lives for stuff like this to 
justify their existence.