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Re: ARO needle valves

While looking on the net for a mail-order place that sells ARO needle 
valves, I found a web site that carries other brands... They have (among 
others) Pneutrol brass valves for 9.80 and 10.50 (see 
http://www.gaugestore.com/gaugestore/needval18npt.html ). I don't know 
anything about this brand, so I requested more info, attached is their 
response. Lee Cooper gave me permission to post his email address here 
(Listmom, I hope this is OK). My current 'junk drawer' needle valves are 
very difficult to adjust, I may try one of these to see if it works any 


You can completely shut off the N10B or N10BK Deltrol
needle valves. They have a pretty good adjustment
needle on them so they would probably work in your
application. However, you would need to test it out
for your specific needs. The Deltrol unit is similar
and equal or better quality than the ARO unit.

We are always glad to receive any "word of mouth"
advertising. Thanks for your inquiry.

Lee Cooper
glc at gaugestore_com
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