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Re: VHO Lights & T.V.

If you try K9AUB's suggestions and are still having problems I have a few 
other things to try. Sounds like K9AUB has had to do some TVI diagnostics 
before (greetings from 8-land, BTW :-)

You can try putting aluminum window screen around the ballast (be SURE it 
doesn't short out any terminals or wires though), and then connect it to 
the ground (green) wire in a 3-wire power cord. If you have a 2-wire cord 
now, you can get a 3-wire cord from just about any hardware store. You can 
usually save some money by getting a molded cord-and-plug assembly or an 
extension cord (and cut off the receptacle end) over buying a seperate plug 
and some wire. You should look for 105 rated wire for flourscents. Some 
people have also had some luck by placing a grounded piece of metal near 
the tubes along their length. This is easy to do if you have a metal 
reflector, but window screen would work as well. If neither of these do it, 
then changes are a solution is going to be pretty complicated.

BTW, many supposed "noise filters" aren't really any good. The best I've 
used is the Tripp-Lite IsoBar strips, followed by the APC SurgeArrest 
"network". Both units are expensive ($50 or so), but they are much better 
at filtering out noise than the cheap units.


>Question I have two 48" VHO lites in my tank which is approx 6 feet from our
>t.v., the tank is 60 gallons and has a lite canopy and sits on top of bar in
>our family room, I am getting snow reception on 2 of our tv channels.  Moving
>the tank is not a possiblity, using a filter on the tv that it plugs into the
>wall hasn't helped, tryed plugging the lites in a distant outlet doesn't work.
>Does anyone have any suggestions how to rid the snow from my tv?  Right now
>only alternative is to shut the lites off while watching those channels.