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Re: Fan wiring

> How exactly does a person run a DC fan from A/C power, anyway?  I'm guessing
>  through use of something like an inverter, but my understanding is that
>  these can be on the expensive side.

A little gadget called a "rectifier" converts AC to DC.  To run a DC fan from 
AC, you need a power supply.  The power supply contains a transformer to step 
down the 115 VAC to whatever the fan requires, 12 volts being quite common.  
Then, a rectifier converts the 12 volts AC to 12 volts DC.  If you purchase a 
little 12 volt DC power supply from Radio Shack, all the necessary components 
will already be wired up inside the box to give you the 12 volts DC you need. 
 This is a simple do-it-yourself project, but I suspect the components and 
the chassis box to hold the components would probably cost as much as an 
already assembled power supply.