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Re: Fan Wiring

> DC is the only way to go when controlling the speed of your PC fans . I
>  bought mine at Rad Shak so I know they have them...they told me they didn`t
>  have them either . You have to deal with kids that don`t know what their
>  doing most of the time...so do your research before hand . When I found the
>  area at Radio Shack that had what I needed I found several types to choose
>  from .

So very, very true.  I think most Radio Shacks are laid out basically the 
same.  I've usually seen the little 12v DC power supplies sitting on a shelf 
right behind the person standing at the counter.  They are little black and 
grey boxes about the size of 1/2 a brick.  The simple ones have no variable 
voltage, and just put out a straight 12 volts (actually 13.6 volts, to 
emulate a fully charged storage battery in your car).  They will easily run 
multiple DC fans.  However, if you want to vary the speed of the fan, you'll 
need a little more elaborate power supply where the voltage can be varied.  I 
know for a fact that Radio Shack sells them, but as you mention, the kid who 
just came to work last week and whose sole life's experience is in listening 
to Curt Cobain music will have no idea what you are talking about.  Try 
asking for the manager, who has usually been around for awhile.