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Re: Easily available reflector options?

    Rod Hanks wrote:

>One option seems to be a mirror.  I don't know anything about the cost,
>but they are available in various sizes from glass places.


    I read somewhere- maybe the archives- someone thought mirrors weren't 
such a good idea because the light has to pass through the glass twice, which 
would distort the spectrum too much.  I don't know if it would change the 
spectrum enough to matter, but it seems very possible that it would, to me.

    _If_ I remember them correctly, and interpreted them correctly, Ivo 
Busko's reflector test postings (last year) showed that a certain reflector 
configuration approx. tripled the amount of light entering the aquarium in 
his test, as compared to- I believe- an unlined black hood.  If I've got that 
right, that's a pretty big-time difference.  If you're interested you could 
look for them in the archives.  Sorry I didn't have time to look up the title 
or confirm the details.

    Zach K