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Easily available reflector options?

Rod Hanks <rhanks at benchbuilt_com> wrote:
> I need something, therefore, that I can have in hand by Friday evening, 
> only 5 business days away.  That seems to knock out any mail-order 
> place and require that I can buy it in town.

> One option seems to be a mirror.  I don't know anything about the 
> cost, but they are available in various sizes from glass places.  
> Another option would be mylar, but I don't know where to buy it.  
> I tried Texas Art Supply here in Houston.  They don't carry it.
Hi  Rod,

Promise not to laugh, OK? 

I looked at one of my older tank lights that I
had lined with kitchen tin foil. It was looking
quite tarnished and I wondered what I could do
to fix it. Then I remembered an APD post from 3 
or 4 years back on the subject. I just happened 
to have a bag of potato chips (Lays) and sure enough -
the inside of the bag was very shiny silver. After 
munching on potato chips for a while (yum), I cut open 
the bag and cleaned it. I then glued it to the inside 
of the hood and voila! The reflection of the fluorescent 
tube was very bright. There are some small wrinkles
but I'm guessing their effect on the total reflector
efficiency is minimal. I don't know if the material
is mylar, but it seems to work pretty well! And it's

For a large lighting hood one would need to throw a 
party to get enough reflector material ;-)
A cheapskate in San Jose, CA

ps. for fire safety it pays to make sure that the 
plastic does not come into contact with anything