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lighting questions

Hi everyone,

Not being an expert this subject, I'd like some opinions from some of our 
members who know about lighting.

I have three heavily planted tanks: 

1. A 125 gallon 72" x 18" x 24" lit by two 6 foot VHO daylight bulbs (URI 
Aqua-Sun 10K) totalling 320 watts or 2.56 watts/gallon. 

2. A 65 gallon 36" x 18" x 24" lit by two 3 ft VHO daylight bulbs (URI 
Aqua-Sun 10K) totalling 190 watts or 2.92 watts/gallon. 

3. A 90 gallon 48" x 18" x 24" lit by a Custom SeaLife Brite Lite 2 x 55 watt 
PC Ultra Daylight bulbs (8800K) totalling 110 watts or 1.2 watts/gallon.

The 90 is the newest, being about a month old. The plants in all three tanks 
have roughly equal light requirements. The most light loving plant I have is 
probably glossostigma or pygmy chain sword. My question are regarding the 90 
gallon. The plant growth is great. The glosso is growing as a ground cover 
and not reaching for the light. Pygmy chain sword is sending out runners all 
over the place. The swords are all sending stalks out. The greens in this 
tank are the most pleasing to the eye of all 3 aquariums. Yet this tank has 
less watts/gallon than any of the three . All receive the same additives and 
are CO2 injected. I originally thought I'd need another Britelite to get the 
same watts/gallon as in the other tanks, but it looks like I may not need it. 
None of the plants in the 90 look under illuminated to me. All three tanks 
have a misture of swords, apons, crypts and a few oddball plants. Few stems. 
Pretty standard fare.

If this tank continues to do well I am thinking I might get rid of the VHO 
hoods I have on the 65 sand 125 and just go with a lower wattage BriteLite 
like I have on the 90. Less heat and less electricity consumption. I'll 
observe for a few more weeks since the 90 is  so new. 

Any thoughts. Anyone with similar experiences?