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Re: discus and planted tanks

Laurel asked about maintenance routines and experiences with discus in
planted tanks.

I keep a pair of cobalt discus in a *non* filtered 55 gal. with a small
assortment of tetra's, SAE's, & corys (very low fish load). My
maintenance routine is the same as all of my other tanks; change 1/3 of
the water weekly. Nothing special is done for their benefit with the
exception of keeping the temp. at 84 and providing some shade. For
shade I keep a couple of water lettuce floating in one corner and let
the R. macrandra sprawl across the surface from time to time. All of the
fish in this tank spawn on a regular basis. The population of tetra's is
growing so I know that some are surviving.

If you specifically wanted to breed them, then yes, a bare tank would
probably be best. They're cichlids after, all and I think that some
people are just a *tiny* bit too anal when it comes to their care. Works
for me anyway.


Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl