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Re: Mineral deposits on glass?

>I've got a 55 gallon tank with a broken (missing) center brace.  I made a
>relacement out of three plys of 1/4" glass and used silicone cement to glue
>it in place.  The "footprint" on the front and back tank panels was
>2.5"x3/4".  When I filled the tank; the bond didn't hold.  Should it
>have?  Was the bonding area large enough or could the glass not have been
>cleaned sufficiently?  What can I use to insure removal of the mineral
>deposits along the water line?  Would a strong acid solution (ie: battery
>acid) work?

I have always used vinegar to clean the mineral deposits off of glass 
aquariums and things like heaters and thermometers. Works great, costs 
almost nothing. Just let the affected area soak for a while (it can help to 
tape paper towel soaked with vinegar to the glass in a large tank) and then 
wipe off the deposits. Don't scrub hard though or you can scratch the glass.

If you have some simple tools (a vice, some large pliers, and a hammer), 
you can get a piece of stainless steel strap 1/8" thick and 1/2" wide from 
http://www.onlinemetals.com for a few dollars. Just bend the ends over so 
that it can hold the two sides and then silicone the strap to the top of 
the tank. The metal will take the load, the silicone would just keep it 
from sliding. 316 stainless is the probably the best choice for this.