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Re: Needle valves in CO2 systems poll

> 1)Describe your CO2 setup.

10lb tank, standard beer keg regulator from one of Dave's kits, into a
needle-valve, then into a home-made reactor in my sump tank.  

> 2)What valve do you use (company name, part number, etc.)?

It's the M3 $19 needle-valve.  Had to get an adapter to fit it to the 
regulator (M3 wasn't selling the inline version at the time)

> 3)How long have you been using this type of setup?

It's been at least a year.  For the year before that I was running 
the stock setup from Dave.   Mainly upgraded because I wasn't getting
the CO2 levels quite as high as I wanted with the diffusor.

> 4)Have you experienced any problems with this setup?


> 5)If you could change something(s) about your current setup, what would it
> be?

I want to add a digital pH meter, to make daily observations easier.

> 6)What cV flow rates do you use?

??? 2 to 3 bubbles per second, if that's what you're asking.

Chuck Gadd