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Plants for trade/free

I've finally transferred enough plant clippings over to my 46g tank that I again
have extras.   

The list:

Ambulia, Limnophila aquatica : My new favorite fast growing plant.  
Java Fern 
(I've also got some Windelov Java Fern for trade only, not much of it yet!)
Tropica Sunset hygro
Willow leaf Hygro 
Giant hygro
Dwarf sag
rotala indica
Pearlweed,  Hemianthus sp. (Amano)


I'd love to get some baby sword plants in trade, in particular some ozelot or
red rubin swords.  I've got several large ozelot and red rubin swords I'm going
to be removing soon, and would like to replace them with some babies.
I'm also looking for Glossostigma.

Email me if you are interested in getting some plants, even if you don't have
anything to trade.    Whatever plants I've got left after any trades I'll be
mailing out for free.   For those, I just ask the recipient to pay $5.00 for
shipping.  People that had emailed me previously asking about plants will get
first shot after any trades.

Chuck Gadd