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Aqua-Trail Spam [off-topic]

Hi there.  Sorry to interrupt (and apologies in advance to Cynthia who has
every reason to kick me off the list for this)... but Gawd I hate spam, I
just hate it hate it hate it!  The one thing I hate more than Spam itself
is when someone who thinks it's legitimate to send "directed" spam to just
aquaria folks, because it means they raped the APD Archives, Krib or other
websites for e-mail addresses. 

So I just got five Spams from "Aqua Trail", including some that bounced
off mailing lists that are not even well known or publicly accessible.  I
saw a lot of your names there too.

Their website is a joke, still has the "sample links" from the template
document the person downloaded, and gives no contact info.  But doing a
reverse lookup on the "representative's" phone number, I get one

Michael Bergey
4616 Porter Center Rd
Phone: (716) 754-9272

I would urge anyone who's been spammed by this person and in the same area
to give him a call and a piece of your mind.  Perhaps it's actually a
teenage child of Michael's (based on the website...who can tell?).  
Perhaps it's Michael himself.  Maybe it's an expensive joke by a
third party.  

While you're at it, forward the spam to abuse at concentric_net (who is
either their ISP or just one of the hosts the spam bounced through) and
abuse at appliedtheory_com (who hosts his website) requesting they cut off
the person's access.  But by all means, do NOT ever purchase their

Thank you, and now back to the Roger Tom and David Total Dissolved Solids
Debate Show! :)

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com