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Re: Catching a Fish in a Planted Tank...

For small schooling fish, I just scoop them out when they're eating. That's the
only time they're distracted enough, and so far, is the only way I've been able
to get them. Sometimes this works better if you don't feed them for a day or two
beforehand, they'll be more focused on the food that way. I hold the net a few
inches under the area I usually feed them at. When they calm down about the net,
I throw in some flakes or whatever and pick them out as they eat. Inevitably,
you sometimes get other fish than the one you're after, but it's alot easier to
put them back than it is to get them in the first place.

I wouldn't try this method for every species - it's stressful to them and net
injurys are no fun - some fish can even shred a net to bits (ever try netting a
large clown loach?), but for white clouds or tetras it should be ok. I use brine
shrimp nets because they seem to be more "soft and gentle" than the regular
kind, but that could just be MY perception, I don't know for sure if the fish
feel any difference =). If I'm moving angels or apistos around, I just scoop
them up in a large plastic container so I don't tear their fins or remove any
slime. They all are very trusting and eat out of my hand, so this is easy for me
to do. I've never had to remove algae eaters, I imagine one would have to set up
some sort of fish trap in order to do that. I've heard rumors of fish traps
being sold, but I've never seen any. Then again, I've never really looked for
one =). It's probably cheaper to make one anyhow.


Paul Mouritsen wrote:

> Hi,
> This will probably bring a few chuckles or perhaps some eyes rolled upward
> for many of you... but how do I catch a fish in a 75 gallon heavily planted
> tank ?
> I have a mixture of White Clouds and Rummy Nosed Tetras. Most of the WC's
> and all of the Tetras are docile except for one WC who is a complete jerk.
> He has staked out about half of the tank and chases everyone else near to
> his size and shape into the remaining part. I have tried altering feeding
> locations hoping that his behavior would change but he remains a tyrant. He
> is stressing the other fish and keeps them from schooling in the open
> central area of the tank or from exploring any of "his" territory.
> How can I catch him without tearing up the tank? I tried using my net a
> couple of times but the disturbance just caused everyone to beat fins to
> heavy growth.
> Thanks a lot.
> Paul
> ps I will take him to the LFS ... not give him a burial at sea  :-)

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