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Re: Marble Swords (was Enough Already)

> Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 00:26:10 EST
> From: CDELAHUNT at aol_com
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #738
> << Subject: Enough already >>

> It sure would be nice to have some friendly folks to ask basic
> advice.  Is this the place for that?

Hi Catherine,

    Don't be put off by the seeming hostilities; while there is no doubt
some animosity between some list members, a lot of what I see here I choose
simply to put down to the effects of people with strongly held convictions.
There are a LOT of very friendly and helpful people on this list!

> If it is, here is my first one -- the pet store sold me a thing they called a
> marbled sword, but I can't find that plant anywhere online.  It looks like an
> Amazon sword, and has two baby plants on a runner.  The leaves did look
> attractively marbled when I bought it, but all new growth has been plain pale
> green.  I have not set up my DIY CO2 system, but plan to do that as soon as I

I'll take a guess that you are describing a marbled variety of Echinodorus
cordifolius. It is one of the smaller swords, not getting much more than 10"
in my tanks. The marbling is often more pronounced on leaves that are grown
emmersed than it is on new leaves that grow submersed in your aquarium. You
may also notice a change in the shape of the new leaves from those grown
> get my new filter.  For right now I have a heavy fish load, which I know is
> not compatible with plants, but I have KIDS.  They learned about the 1" per

I don't know if I would say that a heavy fish load is incompatible with
plants; if you have your tank heavily planted, it can more effectively deal
with the higher nutrient loads than can a tank where there are no plants.
The danger lies in having lots of light along with the nutrients. If your
plants can't keep up with the high levels of nutrients produced by the fish,
you'll have a problem with algae. This is the reason for the suggestion to
plant heavily with rapidly growing plants when starting a tank.
> gallon rule in a book and were not satisfied until we had pretty much maxed
> that out.  I could not say "no" because they were so excited and they were
> poring over books and learning so much.  They beg to do the water testing (
> all levels are good right now, and all fish are fine except a cory which died
> yesterday).  Anyway, that's enough introduction.  Is there a plant called a
> marble sword?
> Thanks, 
> Catherine

Be sure to check out the archives of the list. A search there will often
turn up an answer (more likely, several different answers!!) to your
questions; a lot of ground has already been covered. And don't let the
occasional little flame war put you off - just scroll right through them :-)

Wishing everyone on the list a Merry Christmas,

Ron Barter,
Perth, Ontario