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Re: Re: "Corys & flourite"

James---Thanks for the input --I'm hoping to still be able to use the
corys. As to the tank-- it's a 140 gal.--actual capacity probably about
110 gal.--it's a weird size--80 in. by 24 in. wide by 16 in.
deep---about 2--3 in. of flourite. The size really suits me because I am
able to access the bottom of the tank without any amazing
contortions---I suffer from arthritis. I'm new to the list as a
contributor, but have been in the hobby for over 50 years--also have
been reading the list for a long time and feel it is one of the most
valuable assets to the hobby. I am new to all the high-tech aspects of
the hobby, and this tank is my first attempt at it. It has CO2
injection, a combination of compact and regular fluorescent that equals
270 watts. The KH & GH are 4--I adjust the PH to 6.8 with the amount of
CO2 that I allow into the tank---I use Gomberg's system---I love it,
have never had a problem with it, the PH has remained stable for the six
months it's been in use with only normal maintenance--clean the diffuser
once a month, and watch the gauge. Filtration is two Fluval MSF 404
cannisters plumbed in such a way so they draw from one end of the tank
and feed in from the other--I'm Planning on changing to power filters in
the the very near future --again, changing these large filters, located
under the cabinet, is too much for my arthritis. I'm considering two of
the aqua-clear 500's, am interested in any advice in this matter. The
ammonia level is always zero--NO3 remains at approx. 7ppm. I use PMDD to
maintain an fe level of .01. It's a lightly populated tank--mostly
cherry barbs, [they bred], small tetras, gold gouramis,[two pair--a
bubble nest at each end and baby gouramis on the menu daily], all in
all, I'd guess a total of perhaps 65 fish & one 4 in. pleco--he loves
the driftwood. I change about 30% of the water per week. The plants are
doing great--the usual algae war--I try to stay on top of it. The reason
I wanted the corys in the first place was to help with the clean-up
under the tenellus. I did quarantine them for 2 weeks--did lose one
during that period--and he did indeed have barbel problems--the rest
looked great when introduced to the plant tank--they have been in there
probably about two months now.----I love this list, and appeciate all of
you who take the time to answer fellow hobbyist's questions, and I
eagerly read each posting to glean any wisdom that is shared.  Thanks
all  -- oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!   Mandy