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Re: American style!

James Purchase wrote:

> Perhaps in future events we can have separate categories for "Dutch", > "Amano", "American" style planted tanks.

Then Pat (welcome back, Pat) Bowerman wrote:

> With that said, One of the things I like about our "American Style"
> tanks is that they are more free form with no hard and fast rules to
> follow. 

Wow! We have a style now?

Uhh.  Could someone describe it? (that would be a more appreciated
letter than further abrasive banter over CO2 systems, I think)

> The Showcase: I really enjoyed seeing all those beautiful tanks, and 
> guys, you have inspired me. I will now back and judge my tanks with a
> more critical eye and try to improve them. I saw a lot of neat ideas
> of things that I can incorporate into my own tanks. Thanks, for a job
> well done.

I can second that.  And I'd like to add that it's really worth another

Roger Miller