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CO2 sugestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sorry if I seam a little ticked about this, but everyone seams to be
trying to solve the wrong problem.

If all you are so woried about CO2 dumping, maybe you are approaching  the
problem from the wrong direction.  If your regulator fails to work below a
certain pressure why not use an electric valve and an adjustible pressure
switch to monitor the pressure before the regulator and shut the CO2 off
when it drops too low.

I work in maintainence in a plant and we use pressure switches to monitor
all kinds of stuff.  I sure with a little inginuity one can setup a simple
Low pressure cutoff valve.

You might want to place the CO2 pressure switch after the cutoff valve so
when the CO2 is off it wont come back on until it is reset.

Brian Shea